Well my way- the video

‘So many possibilities’- ‘So cute”it’s very addictive’ ‘Love it! ‘it’s magical… ‘

Or order the video of last workshop **ENGLISH** ( €12 ) I will teach you how to make this beautiful ‘Well my way’ creation’. It is not difficult, everybody can join. Lots of people already did and loved it. We will take our time to first learn how to draw the tangle ‘Well’.

You will need a 3Z, for practice, a Zendala or Relaxagon (hexagon) if you have. Black micron, other colour of your choice and pencil/ tortillon, Chalk pencil in color you prefer. Also the Marcus Operandus will be used- I will send it.

Well, my way with my online workshop group
Needed to send you the link to the video and paypall billing or betaalverzoek (dutch)
****Video is from the class of dec 11th, direct available. ****